Raw Honeycomb With Honey

Raw Honeycomb With Honey

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“The first time I tried honeycomb, I just fell in love with it! The taste of honey is so strong, and the chewy texture of the comb is actually delicious!” - Maraya C, American Raw Honey customer. 


Nothing can be better than freshly harvested pure honey, they said...wait, then how about honeycomb? 

Honeycomb is the “most natural” out of any natural honey products you can possibly find at the market. If you’ve ever heard of honey harvesting process you should know, it's extracted out of the honeycombs. Well, we omitted that step and decided to offer you another way of trying our delicious raw honey 

Honey that's escaped any filtration

So then you could get all the benefits directly out of the honeycomb.

Honeycomb, obviously does not go through any filtration as it’s directly cut out of the hive. This means all the vitamins, protein, enzymes, fatty acids, and antioxidants stay untouched, for us to fully enjoy their positive effect on our bodies. Honeycomb may also contain a small amount of royal jelly, pollen, and propolis - products that have their own potential health benefits. 

A special “cherry” on the top of your cake 

Some ways to enjoy your honeycomb.

All parts of honeycomb can be eaten directly, including the waxy cells. Honeycomb goes well as a sweetener on the top of your ice cream, pancakes, or oatmeal. It is also great with aged cheese, fruits or in a salad. However, remember that honeycomb is very rich in sugar and should be eaten wisely  

Raw. Sweet. Thick. Chewy.

Those pure goodies sealed in the wax sells are waiting for you.

The honeycomb is collected in a beautiful town of Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii. It’s packed right after being cut out of the hive and it contains no preservatives. Honeycomb can be stored at room temperature and should not be put in the fridge to prevent the crystalization.  

To use it as a sore throat remedy, simply chew a small amount of honeycomb daily. It’s believed, the thick texture of honey helps to soothe a scratchy throat and kills the bacteria. 

People sensitive to pollen should not consume big amounts of honeycomb at once to avoid allergies. However, eating a bit honeycomb daily might help overcome the pollen-cause allergies  

Try today, and enjoy every bite!

Children under the age of one year should not consume raw honey.

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Very good love you honey tell me if I order the honeycomb pure honey can I eat it as is let me know



Hello Johnvale. Sure you can eat it as is, just take peace and chew it. Once all of the honey was gone, you either swallow the wax or throw it. Beeswax is safe to swallow in little amounts.