Pure simple honey from Hawaiian apiaries

Buy pure organic honey directly from beekeepers! All kinds of 100% natural honey and more! Enjoy all the health benefits of honey from the Hawaiian paradise. 

Have you ever wondered why, no matter which brand of honey you buy in the supermarket, it all tastes the same? Well, here is the answer: the honey there is not as natural as it claims to be. The truth is, pure simple honey will taste different depending on the region, weather, and flowers around. The reason why you don’t feel that special taste is because the honey from famous big brands is often mixed with corn syrup to make it taste sweeter. However, we believe that there is no need to add anything to make honey better - bees already know how! 

You might then ask, why is it important to eat pure and raw honey, not the processed one? 

Raw honey is the honey that has not been filtered or pasteurized to make it last longer. The pasteurization process, i.e. heating the honey to a certain temperature, extends its shelf life, but it also destroys the pollen intact and all the beneficial enzymes inside of it.  

We, Aloha Honey Farm, say that nothing can be tastier and healthier than the pure honey. We do not filter it or add any artificial flavors - all the honey in our shop is naturally flavored by bees. We could definitely say that every jar of our product will provide you with a unique and. most importantly, natural taste experience. It’s the taste of the world preserved by our tiny magicians - bees. 

Our simple 100% Pure Honey can be enjoyed with a cup of iced tea, added to smoothies, pancakes, oatmeal, or any other food, as a natural and healthy sweetener. It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals. Honey is even proved to be useful in cough treatment! Eat a small amount of our raw honey every day to enjoy all of its benefits. 

If you wish to buy our pure n simple Honey, you can check out our shop page.