About Us

Aloha Honey Farm began from a man’s love for bees and the influence he had on his young grandson. Max loved helping his grandfather with beekeeping and instantly shared his love and passion for bees. He knew one day he would have an apiary of his own. Many years later while exploring a trail on the North Shore of Oahu, Max discovered a wild hive. This lead to many hours outside studying the bees and searching for more hives in the area. Soon, his dream of Aloha Honey Farm became reality and he became a full-time beekeeper. 

Aloha Honey Farm knows our planet has been gifted bees for an important purpose and it is necessary for all beekeepers to keep this purpose in mind. In a recent worldwide study, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization stated that about 16% of major pollinators may disappear in the future due to destruction of habitats and deteriorating environments. News like this inspires Aloha Honey Farm to raise awareness about beekeeping. Losing bees and other pollinating insects could be detrimental to our planet as they are related to almost every meal we eat. Without bees’ diversity and pollination, our crops and entire ecosystem may face serious issues that can endanger all of us. Thus, it is Aloha Honey Farm’s mission to ensure a better future for our earth by protecting these precious insects. 

What else do bees do for our planet? Bees produce honey, of course. However, what makes Aloha Honey different from the next big name honey distributors? Most honey you buy at the supermarket is labeled “Raw Honey”. This is catchy advertising as the honey they sell isn’t actually “Raw” at all. It is required by law that raw honey must be heated to temperatures exceeding 160 degrees, followed by filtration and sometimes an addition of corn syrup to extend the shelf life. This process strips the honey of major vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, leaving you with what we call “sugar water”. 

Aloha Honey Farm takes pride in our honey, as it is truly packaged straight from the hive. We do not heat or filter our honey and never use additional fillers such as corn syrup. Our unique varieties of honey are all naturally flavored by the bees themselves. Each flavor depends on the sunshine, humidity, rainfall each year which influences what plants were around for nectar. One of our most popular varieties, Wildflowers, was naturally infused with beautiful yellow wildflowers which our bees found to be quite sweet. We hope you love our honey as much as we love the bees who make it. Aloha.