Aloha Honey Farm

Do you want to buy raw, unfiltered honey in the USA? In the online store " Aloha Honey Farm " you can find high-quality products at an affordable price. Delivery to any USA state is possible.

Raw honey is one of the most useful and rare types in the world. Beekeepers anciently extract such honey, squeezing it out of the honeycombs by pressing or sell it directly in the honeycombs. Raw unfiltered honey or honey in cells is especially useful for humans. This type has a rich amber color, small light, and dark embeddings, so it can get a chocolate or white shade over time. It is distinguished by a subtle pleasant aroma with a touch of waxy impurities. The taste of this sort is sweet and pleasant. Its caloric value is quite high — about 400 kcal per 1 pound.

The honey contains parchment, pollen, royal jelly, trumpet homogenate, oleoresin, propolis, moraine, beeswax, and sometimes even wood particles. This honey, by its nature, is a wild honeycomb that is extracted from the hollow of the tree and not filtered, it just breaks and puts into a tank.

Everyone knows that Honey of Wild Bees is much more valuable and useful than domestic honey because wild bees have a strong immune system. While processing flower nectar into honey, wild bees fill it with useful vitamins and micro & macronutrients, so the composition contains all possible bee products and even oleoresin. In other words, this honey is a treasure trove of useful properties. Raw honey has everything that different types of honey have separately.

It strengthens the protection of the whole body, makes you immune to negative external factors, relieves fatigue, and improves immunity. This honey cures a common cold, maxillary sinusitis, and pneumonia, strengthens the heart muscle, soothes the nervous system, prolongs life, and rejuvenates. It also treats prostate adenoma, useful for eyesight and memory, improves blood composition, cleanses the liver, and the intestines. The healing properties of the honey improve the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract, is a natural antiseptic, clears the respiratory tract, and improves mental performance. This product nourishes the brain, helps combat cystitis, and increases sexual potency. It is a very long time to list the benefits of this honey. The fact that it is useful to the whole body and is universal!